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Bankroll building

Here you will found some tips about starting to place bets without risking your money. You can build a one time bankroll by using the bonus offers and start to bet with this bankroll. When you do this, it is practical to use an e-wallet for example moneybookers. This allows you to transfer amount between bookmakers.

Building bankroll with free bets and no-loose bets offers

Almost all online bookmakers offer a welcome bonus to new customers. A lot of them offer a free bet. The free bet amounts variance from 20 until 50. You can use free bets for bankroll building. To get the free bet, a bet must be placed up to the free bet bonus amount and of course you have to satisfy the minimum odd which is require (most of the time the required odds are 1.5-2.0). Some bookmakers offer a no-loose bet. That means if you loose your first bet, than you will get your betting amount back. Now to build a bankroll from these offers follow this method:

Step1: Create an account in two bookmakers which offer a free bet or no-loose bet and make a deposit to get the maximum bonus.

Step2: Find a match with equal odds (for instance over: 1.85 and under: 1.85) and place the maximum amount that is necessary to get the full bonus offer. Now in one bookmaker you will win and on the other you will loose and get back your loosing amount or the no-loose back. If the value of the free bet or no-loose bet differ you should find a game with equal winning amount. For example one bookmaker offers a 20 free bet and another a 50 free bet you should find a match with the odds over/under: 1.5 and over/under 3.0. Now you will win 1.3*50=65 or 3.0*20=60. So you can arbit the winning amounts.

Step3: If you won a no-loose bet you can withdrawal the amount, create an account in another bookmaker which offer free or no-loose bet. If you won the bet which offer a free bet you have do nothing there. Now if your loosing bet was a no-loose you should withdraw it and deposit in another bookmaker which offer a free or no-loose bet. If there was two free bet offer you should repeat step two with the two free bets and then continue with step 3. Step 4: Now you are going to get a free or no-loosing bet from the third opening account. Do the step 2 with the deposit amount in the third bookmaker and the bookmaker in which you lost your previous bet and got a free bet.

Step 5: Continue this method with opening a fourth, fith, .... account.

After the bankroll building you could deposit it in your favorite bookmaker or it is better to split your bankroll in your accounts you have created and than placing bets in the bookmaker who offer the best odd for the match you like to place a bet. Tip: For practical reasons you should combine free bets which have tha same amount. To match a free bet of 20 with a free bet of 50 could create some troubles because claiming these bonuses it is necessary to satisfy the the minimum betting odds! So combine two 20 free bets together and 50 free bets together. This is the first method for banroll building

Building bankroll with 100% deposit bonus offers

It is little harder to build a bankroll with a 100% deposit bonus but not impossible. Here you can find a methods to clear these bonuses. You needn't to bet in more than 1 bookmaker. You will try to get the bonus with value bets and building bankroll.

Method: Find out what is the minimum odds which require to get the bonus offer. Most of the time it is between 1.5-2.0. If the bonus offer is 100 (200 is your starting capital) you have to place the deposit amount and the bonus amount 3 times that means 600. To reach this total betting amount you should place single bets of 30-50. If the odds required is about 2.0 it is recommended placing bets of 30. When the required odds go down you can increase the betting amount up to 50. Now you should finding games which are equal to the minimum adds required and start to place bets. Try to collect information about matches and find the match with the best propability. Continue this until you have place the 600 required amount. This method will work the most of the time because the bookmaker has a rake about 6%-8% and by choosing the right the rake will go down or perhaps you will have a profit. Remember that the bookmaker is the underdog because you have douple up your deposit amount and the rake can't beat you. After you have clear the bonus you can withdraw your starting deposit amount, transfer it to another bookmaker and do the same for bankroll building. With the rest you can continue betting without risking your own money. This is the second method for bankroll building.

Bonus offers
888-20 no-loose bonus
Betfair-20 no-loose bonus
Betway-50 free bet bonus
Tipico-100% up to 100 bonus
Sportingbet-100% bis zu 100 bonus
Betsson-100% up to 50 bonus
Bet-at-home-50% up to 22 bonus
mybet-100% up to 50 bonus
Pinnaclesports-10% up to zu 500$ Bonus
Interwetten-20 no-loose bonus
Victor Chandler-50 no-loose bonus
Bet24-50% up to 35 bonus
Nordic bet-100% up to 100 bonus
unibet-100% up to 50 bonus
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