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What is a sure bet?

Sure betting is a way which gives you 100% propability to win. You don't care about the end result of tha game, a sure bet will give you an amount of profit. There is no way to make a profit when we place bets in all 3 odds(1-X-2) in a soccer match. But when we do this in 3 different bookmakers maybe we can have a profit. Let's see this with an example. 3 bookmaker offer the following odds:

1: 2.1 - X: 3.3 - 2: 5.6

Calculations of sure bets

Now suppose you plan to win 300 from each odd offer. You have to bet 300/2.1=142.85 in bookmaker A, 300/3.3=90.91 in bookmaker B and 300/5.6=53.57 in bookmaker C. Now your total betting amount is 142.85+90.91+53.57=287.33. This means your winnings are 300-287.33. The sure bet percentage of your total betting amount is 300/287.33*100=4.4%.

Sure bets exist because the offered odds for the same game are different in the most bookmakers. If you find a sure bet you must handle fast. When a company detect that a sure bet exists they change the offered as fast as possible. This is another reason why comparing odds is very powerful.

The most recent sure bets can be found under sure bets.

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